The Wellness Sanctuary - Nutrition and Healing Center
At the Wellness Sanctuary Nutrition and Healing Center we "Nourish Your Transformation" Body, Mind and Spirit.
As your BMS Advisor/Counselor one-on-one services are customized to your personal needs. Whatever your needs are... weight loss, weight gain, reducing or eliminating medication, diabetic/pre-diabetic management or just wanting to live a life of peace, joy and possibilities!  Your body vibrates at 68 htz frequency and dependent on your food choices, lifestyle and stress levels, it can plummet to 45 htz.  If it does so, this is when cancer cells are activated.  Click here to view our BMS offerings for all frequency level programs...body, mind and spirit!
  • Daily Food Plan/BodyScan Analysis and Product Advisement to nourish your body  BodyScan Analysis
  • HERBALIFE #1 Nutrition/Weight Loss/Energy & Wellness Products In the World
  • Sun Warrior Products Organic and Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Young Living Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade   
  • Life Coaching...the vibration and power of your thoughts in creating and manifesting your life.
  • Chios Energy Healing, Meditation and Spiritual Classes to nourish your spirit, clear your chakra energy centers and auric field raising your spiritual vibrational frequency and learning to maintain it! 
  • Please be advised: Spiritual work is not a substitution or replacement for medical care.
    Click here to view a menu of all of our services!
Carol Before and After
As the owner of The Wellness Sanctuary, it is my commitment that you are personally nurtured and given the tools and highest level of support to achieve your personal greatness.  I look forward to being with you soon!  Please direct your friends and family to our website as well. 
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Join us at the Midwest Chios Energy Healing School In Wheaton,Joliet and OUR NEW LOCATION IN NAPERVILLE!!!
Cathy Baldwin (CAT)
Now located in Joliet!
One on One In Home Consultations Available
Private Group Sessions Available As Well
(815) 436-3116 or contact me on my cellphone
(815) 263-4537  Texting welcome
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