The Wellness Sanctuary - Nutrition and Healing Center
BMS Advisor/Counselor
I am here to serve you.
Coach Cathy's After pictureCOACH CATHY (CAT): Owner
Body, Mind and Spirit Advisor/ Weight Loss Coach
Nutrition Advisor/Daily Food Frequency Assessor
Life Coach/Counselor
Independent Herbalife, Laminine, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor 
Chios Master/Teacher
Meditation/Energy Channeling Teacher
Mystery School Intensive Teacher 
Before Herbalife, I was depressed, exhausted, had
chronic migraines for 20 years and was on ulcer meds
for 7 . My cholestrol was 265 and with both parents having heart disease, you can imagine my concern.  I spent 27 years trying to lose 30 lbs.
Coach Cathy's Before pictureMy first day on the products my energy went through THE ROOF!!  No more migraines, got off my ulcer meds in
30 days, cholesterol down 65 points and in 11 weeks lost,
30 lbs. and 30” of bodyfat..size 14/16 to 4/6.  No effort
here, the products have turned my body into a high octane
fat burning machine…54 YEARS YOUNG!!
Because of these outstanding results, I have devoted the
last 13 years to developing my skills as a BMS Advisor/Counselor and Independent Herbalife Distributor, developing a healthy lifestyle and getting you RESULTS!  I am also a Senior Graduate of Landmark Education which has provided me with valuable tools for Life Coaching. 
                                         Certified as a Chios Master/Teacher, I combine this healing
                                         modality with a crystal singing bowl composition and
                                         therapeutic Young Living Essential Oils.                                           Combining all these modalities
                                         provides you with the highest level of frequency healing
                                         Body, Mind and Spirit.                                 
                                         At The Wellness Sanctuary, you are provided the              
                                                       opportunity for healing...body, mind and spirit!
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